Cyprus sees big increase in tourist arrivals in November

Cyprus sees big increase in tourist arrivals in November

Tourist arrivals in Cyprus recorded a big increase in November, with arrivals from Russia registering an impressive 103.3% growth.

The results of the Passengers Survey published by the Statistical Service on Friday showed that arrivals of tourists reached 108.093 in November compared to 81.437 in November 2014, recording an increase of 32.7%.

β€œAn increase of 45.0% was recorded in tourist arrivals from the United Kingdom (from 28.859 in November 2014 to 41.856 in November 2015), 103.3% increase from Russia (from 8.728 to 17.740) and 26.5% increase from Greece (from 7.534 to 9.534 this year)” the Statistical Service said.

On the other hand tourist arrivals from Germany were down by 8.6% (8.499 in November 2015 compared to 9.303 in November 2014).

For the period January – November arrivals of tourists totalled 2.581.057 compared to 2.384.375 in the corresponding period of 2014, recording an increase of 8.2%.

The results of the Survey also showed a reduction of 5% in the trips of Cyprus` residents abroad, as 74.362 returned from a trip abroad in November compared to 78.310 in the corresponding month last year.

In November 2015 there was a decrease of 35.5% in the trips of residents to the United Kingdom.