Cyprus’ national team prepares for Tuesday’s game against Bosnia

Cyprus’ national team prepares for Tuesday’s game against Bosnia

After Saturday`s victory against Israel, Cyprus` men national team in football concludes today its preparation for tomorrow`s crucial game against Bosnia, for the last day of the European Qualifiers Group B. The game will take place in GSP Stadium at 21:45 (18.45 GMT).

The game is like a final because the winner will take the third place in Group B, which leads to the play off stage of the European qualifiers.

Today`s last practice before the game starts at 18:15, half an hour after the press conference of the team`s manager Pampos Christodoulou.

Speaking after Saturday`s match against Israel, Christodoulou said that his team plays good football and plays well against strong sides, applying attack tactics. “That is the football I want us to play. If we are on the defensive, it is because our opponents are strong. We need to stand strong and we did that tonight.”

Referring to the game against Bosnia, Christodoulou said that it is an important game against a better and more experienced team. “We will do our best to give our team a chance. If do not win, we will be pleased for having given our best to our fans and supporters”, he added.