Cyprus and Greece conclude successfully search and rescue drill

Cyprus and Greece conclude successfully search and rescue drill

Cypriot and Greek naval forces have concluded successfully a search and rescue drill, code-named “CYPGRE-01/15”, according to the Cyprus Ministry of Defence.

The exercise took place on Saturday afternoon, at sea, south of Cyprus, within the jurisdiction of the Republic, with the participation of National Guard Air Force Command helicopters and the navy vessell IKARIA of the Greek Navy.

The Search and Rescue Coordination Centre, in Larnaca, together with the Greek Naval General Command had the full operational and coordinating control of the air and the naval means which participated in the drill.

The scenario of the exercise involved a naval accident out at sea and as such the national plan E-D “Nearxos” was implemented to deal with the incident.

The drill also included search operations to locate and save a shipwrecked sailor at sea with the help of a National Guard helicopter as well as transferring an injured person by air (MEDEVAC OPERATION) from the Greek vessel.

This drill, according to the Ministry of Defence, is the third planned exercise this year in search and rescue operations between Cyprus and Greece.
CNA MM/2015