Mrs. Cvijanovic

BANJALUKA, June 4 /SRNA/ – Republika Srpska Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic told SRNA that the BiH Council of Ministers cannot form a team to draft a coordination mechanism to which it would appoint Republika Srpska Government representatives without previously conducting consultations with the Government and getting its approval.

“They must learn that Republika Srpska is a party to the negotiations and talks, and that we are functioning in keeping with determined procedures, and not that they ‘generously’ offer us ‘a whole seat’ in some team tasked with drafting a document, without asking us anything about it,” Cvijanovic said. 

She said that only the Republika Srpska Government, and not anyone else, should decide on the participation of its representatives in any task force. 

“If some government level intends to form a joint task force, then it should first consult the Republika Srpska Government, determine a number of participants of each side through these consultations and define principles on which the operations of the task force are based,” Cvijanovic said. 

She said that no one from the BiH Council of Ministers informed the Republika Srpska Cabinet nor did it consult it about drafting a new proposal of a coordination mechanism. 

“It means that they decided to ignore us and to serve us ready solutions. They did it in several more cases when they turned a deaf ear to negative opinions of Republika Srpska Ministries. 

In addition to this, there is another problem here. In order to draft a new proposal of a coordination mechanism, the Council of Ministers should first reject a proposal which is a result of a joint work of all government levels, which is before the Council,” Cvijanovic said. 

She said that while it was drafted, all necessary procedures were respected regarding the formation of a task force, the number of participants, and principles on which their work is based. 

In addition to this, the Republika Srpska Cabinet and Parliament approved this proposal, and opposition MPs, who are now in power at the BiH level, also voted for it. 

“We in the Republika Srpska Cabinet insist that the Council of Ministers first decide on this proposal. We want to know if parties from Republika Srpska, who are now in power at the BiH level, changed their minds and dropped the proposal for which they earlier voted in the Republika Srpska Parliament. 

We also expect them to explain what is bad in this proposal – maybe the fact that it stipulates that decisions are brought by consensus, and not by outvoting as Bosniak parties want, and they think that it is better for them to offend the Republika Srpska institutions than Bakir Izetbegovic,” Cvijanovic told SRNA. 

In order to start drafting a new proposal of a coordination mechanism, Cvijanovic said, the Council of Ministers must first reject the one which was submitted to the Council for consideration. 

“Also, if they reject it, they need to explain what is wrong with this proposal since we spent the whole year to draft it together with representatives all other government levels. Then they must consult the Republika Srpska Cabinet about a possible formation of a team tasked with drafting a new proposal and respect all procedures of which I earlier spoke,” said the Prime Minister. 

Cvijanovic said that conclusions in this regard have been defined and that the Cabinet will adopt them at a session tomorrow. 

“The second set of conclusions will pertain to reforms we implemented in cooperation with the World Bank, and the current parliamentary majority with the SDS, PDP and NDP blocked the ratification of this arrangement which prevented the drawing of KM 35 million to the Republika Srpska Budget,” she said. 

Cvijanovic said that before the Cabinet defines any reform agenda with the BiH level, funds that belong to Republika Srpska citizens on the basis of business registration reform conducted by the Cabinet will have to be returned. 

“They have a majority, let them then do their part of the job, since we did our part. What is the point of signing any reform agendas with the BiH level when they will block them? The Republika Srpska Budget will not collapse for KM 35 million, but this is about principles and rules of behaviour,” Cvijanovic said. 

She said that the Republika Srpska Cabinet wants to know if it has credible partners at the BiH level for implementation of reforms, or they, including parties from Republika Srpska, will constantly speak about reforms and will then block funds intended for Republika Srpska citizens.”  /end/sg