CTO aims to increase tourist arrivals to 2.9 mln in 2016

CTO aims to increase tourist arrivals to 2.9 mln in 2016

Cyprus Tourism Organization (CTO) aims to increase tourist arrivals to 2.9 million in 2016, CTO Chairman Agelos Loizou told the House Finance Committee which discussed the Organization`s budget.

In statements to the press, following the meeting on Monday, Loizou said that CTO aims in 2016 to an increase of 6% to 7% in both arrivals and revenue. He recalled that 2015 began with unfavourable prospects, however it ended with an increase of 9% in tourist arrivals, while the increase in revenue is expected to reach 4.1%.

Loizou told the parliamentarians that CTO had a kick-off meeting with the Spanish firm THR consultants to prepare a new study on the strategic CTO design, which according to the schedule will be ready in eight months. CTO has also prepared its own business plan for the period 2016 to mid-2017. The CTO Chairman pointed out that the resources for the promotion of the tourism product should be proportionate to the contribution of tourism to the GDP.

A representative of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism said that the establishment of a Deputy Ministry for Tourism, in conjunction with a diversified Cyprus Tourism Organization, is the predominant scenario for the new form of the tourist product management.

He noted that the CTO could retain two thirds of the powers and responsibilities and give one third to the Deputy Ministry.

Loizou said that the Deputy Ministry will deal with the political issues and the CTO will deal with the promotion of tourism.

In relation to the new targeted policy to promote the tourism product, Loizou said that CTO changed its strategy and chose a more generic advertising, aiming at tour operators and airlines.