Croatia to build 2 new gas pipelines, worth €400m, to boost its gas supply security

ZAGREB, 8 Feb (Hina) – The government on Thursday gave a go-ahead for plans to build a 122-kilometre-long gas pipeline along the route from Bosiljevo via Sisak to Kozarac, a project worth €322 million, and a 36-kilometre pipeline between Lučko and Zabok, worth €78 million.

The Plinacro company is authorised to implement the two projects, worth €400 million, which will boost the country’s gas supply security, Economy and Sustainable Development Minister Damir Habijan said.

The Bosiljevo – Sisak – Kozarac pipeline is part of Croatia’s pipeline connecting the Krk LNG terminal with central and eastern European countries and Ukraine.

It is a continuation of the existing interconnection between Hungary and Croatia, that is, the Varosföld – Dravaszerdahely – Donji Miholjac – Slobodnica gas pipeline route, and will increase the annual capacity of the pipeline running from Zobin via Bosiljevo, Sisak and Kozarac to Hungary to 3.5 billion cubic meters of gas.

The Lučko – Zabok route facilitates an increase in gas supplies for Slovenia.

Habijan recalled that in 2022, the government decided to increase the LNG terminal capacity from 2.9 billion to 6.1 billion cubic meters of gas annually.

The two pipelines were added to the government’s list of strategic projects in 2018.