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Creative Economy brings together professionals from Albania and the United Kingdom

TIRANA, Jan 28 /ATA/- Tirana hosted creative economy professionals from the United Kingdom, the Western Balkans and Albania, to discuss the field of film, music, technology, architecture, visual arts, etc.

In the premises of the Pyramid, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Municipality of Tirana and the British Council, which expresses the commitment to work together in the next three years to draft a Development Strategy on the creative economy.

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, said that he is proud that Tirana has raised the “bar” in the field of creativity, adding that he is also proud of establishing a long-term cooperation relationship with the British Council, to learn from the best.

“I am really proud that Tirana served as the Capital of Sport and Youth, where I believe with all my heart that we will do an extraordinary job, especially now that I have Blendi by my side for Tirana, the Mediterranean Capital of Culture and Dialogue. But, I believe that even in this field, in the field of creativity, which is not only art and culture, it is also fashion, it is also the start-up and the whole digital business culture, we will have the opportunity to learn from the best. I believe that we need to introduce a little bit of the culture of entrepreneurship, how to account for some of these things, how can a product not only be seen by 100 or 1000 people, but how can we account for the whole society to be involved in a financial and contribution relationship”, said the mayor.

According to the mayor of Tirana, it is only a matter of time before Tirana becomes the city of creative and digital jobs in the future.

“The Municipality of Tirana yet again has the largest budget in history. Every year we have more than the previous for the recreational industry, for art and culture, for theater and for many of you the most fantastic events are organized in this city and I can’t wait for more to be added. I would like this year to be a year of brainstorming what we can all do together for next year, when Tirana is the Mediterranean Capital of Culture and Dialogue. When the number of tourists last year was 10 million, imagine how much it will be this year. How can they be involved in cultural life, how can we exchange energy with others? That would be fantastic. Today, 25% of Tirana’s economy is tourism, 25% are new digital jobs, new jobs that actually originated from the creative community. I believe that if we can turn Tirana from the city of footwear production, to a city of tourism and digitalization, it is only a matter of time that Tirana, as it was the Capital of Youth and Sports, will also be a city of digital jobs and the future, ” Veliaj pointed out.

Minister of Economy, Culture and Innovation, Blendi Gonxhja, said that today more than ever, the country needs a coordination based on knowledge and merit, in the service of the common cultural, economic and national public interest.

“The time has come to shift from the prolonged and messy transition that we have left behind to a cultural and innovative development of the near or long-term future of Albanians, but as part of the progressive international community,” said Gonxja.

Alastair King-Smith, the British ambassador, said that Albania already has an important place in the Western Balkans and in Europe as far as the creative industry is concerned. “Many changes have taken place here in Albania, in Tirana, regarding economic development, modern infrastructure, more active civil society. This pyramid in Tirana is gathering people from all over the world through the imagination you have brought and your history. Albania already has an important place not only here, but in the Western Balkans and in Europe, and I am sure that together we can help Albania keep this place”, said the British ambassador.

 Clare Sears, Head of the British Council for the Western Balkans said that the Pyramid has become a hub of innovation and creativity. “I really like the fact that now the Pyramid has become a center of innovation and creativity and continues to be fun for young people,” Clare Sears said.