Creating tourism cluster focused on tourist regions online promotion is essential (specialist)

Creating tourism cluster focused on tourist regions online promotion is essential (specialist)

The creation of a Tourism Cluster Romania 3.0. to focus more on the online promotion of Romanian tourist regions, cities and counties, of domestic and incoming tourism in general is essential at this time, tourist marketing consultant Razvan Pascu told AGERPRES.

“I feel that we have missed the train, there are tens of countries worldwide developing such online promotion projects. I don’t believe it is too late and I think we can still do some efficient, measurable and pragmatic things for tourism promotion, maybe more useful than those which we have already been accustomed with for years and which we note that don’t pay so good results. I believe that most players in tourism, but mostly the relevant ministry and the National Authority for Tourism, as well as the local authorities don’t know to make the most of the promotion power on an international level which the internet has at the moment,” Razvan Pascu pointed out.

When people go through websites to plan a trip to Bucharest, they will open the Google Web 3.0 page, which will display several applications that will lead them to what they’re looking for.

“Most times the local or central administrations are the ones which have the money and can help the experts in the private environment to put good ideas into practice. The role of those in the private environment is complementary to that of those in administration, and this can be the key of success in tourism. Let us leave our egos aside and work together, each on his or her expertise area. We all are perfectible. Both the young and the seniors working in tourism can come up with good ideas, some with more energy, others with more experience, so that we can achieve a common goal: the growth of Romanian tourism,” Razvan Pascu says.

Razvan Pascu launched in September 2014 the first tourism cluster devoted to young people. When he is asked to define a cluster, the tourist marketing consultant with Travel Focus Association reports to an African proverb: “If you want to go faster, go alone. If you want to go further, go together.”

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) supports any kind of association in tourism in the context in which, according to UNWTO, it is estimated that by 2020 the segment of youth under 19 travelling worldwide will number over 350 million people. More…