#ColourfulRomania: New gondola lift in Sinaia to set three national records

#ColourfulRomania: New gondola lift in Sinaia to set three national records

The gondola lift to be inaugurated on Thursday in Sinaia, a 9-million-euro investment, linking Cota 1400 and the ski area at Cota 2000, will set three national records.

“The installation reaches the highest altitude in Romania, 2,050 m, and in the Valea cu Brazi [Valley with Fir Trees] area, it reaches the highest level from the ground recorded by such an installation — 120 m. Moreover, the new gondola lift is built on the steepest cable transport segment — 45 degrees at the first three pillars,” reads a press release issued on Tuesday by the Sinaia Town Hall.

According to the cited source, the new cable installation, which was built for 7 months by specialist teams from Romania, Italy and Austria, has 42 gondolas of eight seats, a transport capacity of 1,500 people per hour and a route of 2,000 m.

The gondola lift has two diesel engines and the latest energy-saving system, called “direct drive” by specialists, which provides a reduction in electricity consumption by 20pct compared to traditional systems.




With the inauguration of the new investment, local authorities will launch also a single ski-pass for all installations that they manage, at the price of 140 lei per day.

“It’s the last linking piece for an integrated ski area, the last step to a single ski-pass, which will provide access to all the ski slopes of our town. The first public installation of the town was built in 2007: Sinaia Gondola Lift. In 2011, we extended the ski area with the opening of the most updated ski-lift in Bucegi, in Valea Soarelui [Sun Valley] and on Thursday we will inaugurate the 1400-2000 section of Sinaia Gondola Lift (…). All these investments are public, and the mentioned installations are managed and owned by the town,” Mayor Vlad Oprea was quoted as saying by the release.

To build the gondola lift linking Cota 1400 to Cota 2000, Urban Transport Sinaia, which belongs to the Local Council, took out a loan that it guaranteed with this investment. More…