#ColectivMemorial Silvia Dumitrescu: Sadness and pain must echo with the future generations

#ColectivMemorial Silvia Dumitrescu: Sadness and pain must echo with the future generations

Pop singer Silvia Dumitrescu told AGERPRES that a Colectiv Memorial is welcome, as the sadness and pain caused by what happened must echo with the future generations. She believes that a well suited motto for this Memorial would be “Compassion and pain.”

AGERPRES: How do you see the building of a Colectiv Memorial as a symbol against forgetting? Is it important to create such a Memorial?

Silvia Dumitrescu: I believe it is welcome, indeed, as a symbol against forgetting. The sadness and pain we all suffered must echo with the future generations, for the places devoted to entertainment of any kind to be, above all, safe.

AGERPRES: How do you imagine this Colectiv Memorial? Should it be built at the site of the tragedy or somewhere else?

Silvia Dumitrescu: A monument depicting a group of fallen people reaching out for help, right at the scene of the tragedy.

AGERPRES: Given the situation of the space where the Colectiv club was situated, who and in what degree should take care of designing and constructing a Colectiv Memorial, including finding of necessary financing: the Romanian state or the non-governmental organizations?

Silvia Dumitrescu: The Romanian state must do this.

AGERPRES: What motto do you believe should define this Memorial?

Silvia Dumitrescu: “Compassion and pain.”

AGERPRES: What do you believe should be the most important lesson remembered after visiting the Colectiv Memorial?

Silvia Dumitrescu: Not to do things that can put at risk somebody’s life, to be better and to help each other, to be more united, with more love and compassion for our fellows, to keep moments of silence for all those who died at Colectiv, to pray for their souls; may God help us never put up with such a tragedy! More…