#ColectivMemorial Leo Iorga: A pious tribute after what happened is normal, no useless drama

#ColectivMemorial Leo Iorga: A pious tribute after what happened is normal, no useless drama

Rock singer Leo Iorga of the PACT By Leo Iorga & Adi Ordean band told AGERPRES that he considers that he finds it normal that a Colectiv Memorial be placed at the site of the tragic October 30 fire, to mark it as a space for recollection after this accident.

AGERPRES: What do you think about the creation of a Colectiv Memorial, as a symbol against forgetting?

Leo Iorga: I would want to fight myself so that such tragedies never happen again. I think a pious tribute is normal after what happened, with no useless drama. Regrettably, for multiple causes, we see such accidents occurring all over the world.

AGERPRES: How do you envision this Colectiv Memorial? Should it be built at the site of the tragedy or elsewhere?

Leo Iorga: I think the Colectiv Memorial should be placed at the site of the tragedy, just a decent monument with photos of the victims, as a space of recollection of this sad accident…

AGERPRES: Given the situation of the space where Colectiv club operated, who and to what extent should handle the design and building of a Colectiv Memorial, including finding the necessary financial resources: the Romanian state or the NGOs?

Leo Iorga: Indifference, incompetence and heedlessness, the thirst for amassing wealth through corruption are written on this nation’s existential slate as a state of “normalcy” and this algorithm can be seen at the highest social levels, like Parliament for instance, which should have urgently adopted European laws on the regime of explosives. This here requires work to be done, but awareness is extremely hard to attain. Let’s see what justice decides, compensations and other aspects included…

AGERPRES: What motto do you think should define this Memorial?

Leo Iorga: The lyrics of a melody I frequently perform in concerts come to my mind — “Call an Angel,” because too many angels have raised to the skies after this tragedy.

“When memories stream through your veins
And all the world’s sorrow in smoke is engulfed
Pay heed, don’t just play,
You’d better inquire, or don’t,
But an angel do call anyway.”

AGERPRES: What do you think should be the most important lesson for those who visit the Colectiv Memorial?

Leo Iorga: I repeat, decency in the wake of a tragic accident, the due punishment of the guilty and raising a monument to the memory of the victims, I thinks all these elements should be considered. More…