#ColectivMemorial Guitarist Teo Boar: We should not let obliviousness dust set on this tragedy

#ColectivMemorial Guitarist Teo Boar: We should not let obliviousness dust set on this tragedy

Guitarist Teo Boar (Pasărea Colibri, Ioan Gyuri Pascu & The Blueworkers) thinks a Colectiv Memorial is a necessary symbol and such a tragedy should not be forgotten.

AGERPRES: How do you see the building of a Colectiv Memorial as a symbol against forgetting?

Teo Boar: A Colectiv Memorial is a necessary symbol. We should not let the dust of oblivion set on this tragedy.

AGERPRES: How do you imagine this Colectiv Memorial? Should it be built at the site of the tragedy or somewhere else?

Teo Boar: The square that has become a pilgrimage and prayer place, where hundreds of thousands of candles and flowers have been laid would be a proper place to setup a monument.

AGERPRES: Given the situation of the space where the Colectiv club was situated, who and in what degree should take care of designing and constructing a Colectiv Memorial, including finding of necessary financing: the Romanian state or the non-governmental organizations?

Teo Boar: Considering the young age of the victims of the unfortunate accident, I would say a competition among architecture and visual arts students could best understand the spirit of this memorial. The NGOs could get involved in creating this project, and the state could support them to carry it out.

AGERPRES: What motto do you believe should define this Memorial?

Teo Boar: “The end isn’t here…” — that’s what Florian ‘Motu’ Pittis used to sing.

AGERPRES: What do you believe should be the most important lesson remembered after visiting the Colectiv Memorial?

Teo Boar: Those who will visit this place should leave it with a thrill, a motivation, an enhanced spirit of responsibility, and a wish to care about their fellow humans. It’s the only way we can avoid or safely escape unfortunate situations like the one in Colectiv. More…