#ColectivMemorial Cristina Hurdubaia (We Stand Together): A Colectiv Memorial should be fostered anywhere – physically, online

#ColectivMemorial Cristina Hurdubaia (We Stand Together): A Colectiv Memorial should be fostered anywhere – physically, online

Cristina Hurdubaia, a journalist and representative of the ‘We Stand Together’ organization, told AGERPRES that a memorial dedicated to the Colectiv club tragedy should be promoted anywhere – both “physically and online” – to remember that the people who have died in that fire were sacrificed for a better Romanian society.

The group ‘We Stand Together’ has gathered, after the fire of the Colectiv club, the efforts of those who wished to help the victims’ families and the injured through events that were aimed at collecting funds and memorial manifestations.

Besides, the representatives of ‘We Stand Together’ announced on November 30 that they will commemorate the Colectiv victims each month in front of the Bucharest club.

AGERPRES: How do you see the forging of a #ColectivMemorial, as a symbol against oblivion?

Cristina Hurdubaia: Important and necessary. Because, unfortunately we are a people that seems to forget quickly, that prefers to bow their head, that waits for the others to do things, we have no culture of the civic spirit.

AGERPRES: How do you imagine this #ColectivMemorial? Should it be set at the spot of the tragedy or in another place?

Cristina Hurdubaia: I don’t believe this is an aspect that matters anymore. It should be put anywhere — both physically and online. Some people have no intention to move too much and prefer to stay on the Internet or watch TV. When I say some I mean most of them. From my point of view, it is important that this tragedy which more or less has put a mark on all of us, will not be forgotten too soon and we will not continue our lives as if, in fact, nothing happened. While contemplating the Christmas holiday, we should think of those people who were sacrificed, in a real way for us to start having a more decent life. For the future generations to be able to have a life more beautiful than ours.

AGERPRES: Considering the situation of the location where the Colectiv club was unfolding activity, who and to what extent should design and build a #ColectivMemorial, to find the necessary financial resources included: the Romanian state or the NGOs?

Cristina Hurdubaia: Unfortunately, I don’t believe in the current Romanian state. I don’t believe there are people capable to do something palpable. I don’t trust the Parliament, I don’t trust the mayors, I don’t trust the local councilors, I trust nobody, because they have demonstrated for 25 years now that they are good for nothing. It is the civil society, as small as it is, that has the capacity to put things in motion. But, unfortunately, the civil society depends on the state — the NGOs cannot vote the laws, it is the MPs who can.

Obviously, something will change, yet slowly. We, the ones with ‘We Stand Together’, for instance, have launched a week ago a petition through which we ask for mandatory first-aid courses in schools. Over 11,000 signatures were gathered fast and it was barely then that some MPs took it over and transformed it into a draft law proposition (well, nobody said who has initiated this petition , because this how things go in Romania, one sits on his/her parliamentary seat, does nothing, a good idea emerges and he/she assumes it. Yet, this is something that will change, step by step, I’m positive.)

AGERPRES: What motto do you think this #ColectivMemorial should be defined by?

Cristina Hurdubaia: What I said before: do not forget that they were sacrificed so we and the next generations be able to dream of a better life.

AGERPRES: Which do you believe should be the most important teaching after visiting the #ColectivMemorial?

Cristina Hurdubaia: Never forget of Colectiv. I know, I’m redundant, but I’m one of the people who beginning with October 31, each and every day, but each and every day ever since deal with all kinds of matters of the Colectiv victims. And I cannot forget of Colectiv, so I won’t let you also forget of Colectiv. More…