Clean energy production rose to record levels in 2023, IPTO report says

Production of clean electricity recorded an all time high in 2023, with 57% of the energy mix covered by renewable energy sources and hydroelectric power units exceeding 25 TWh, from 50.12% in the previous year, Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO) said in a report.

Annual production of green energy in 2023 rose to 21.35 TWh, to a new 10-year high, up 147% from annual production in 2014 (8.64 TWh). Green energy production recorded the biggest monthly production in history in August 2023 (2.25 TWh).

Renewable energy sources covered more than 43% of energy demand in 2023, up 151% in the last decade. Energy production from lignite fell to an all time low of 10.1% in 2023, up 54% in 2014.

Environment and Energy Minister Theodore Skylakakis, commenting on the report, said that a further penetration of renewable energy sources into the country’s energy capacity is a strategic choice of the government, contributing drastically to the green transition, better electricity prices and the energy security of the country.