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Celebrating Diversity: Intercultural Festival begins in Sarajevo

Today marks the beginning of the Intercultural Festival, which aims to celebrate the rich cultural diversity and the importance of cooperation among the peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Organized by the pivotal organizations of the culture of the peoples of BiH -“Preporod”, “Prosvjeta”, “Napredak”, and “La Benevolencija”, which form the Intercultural Council of BiH—this festival is supported by the OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The festival will take place from July 3 to 5, 2024, in Sarajevo.

The festival will feature a variety of events, including a concert of solo songs performed by opera soloists with piano accompaniment, a roundtable discussion on “Cultural Co-operation and Dialogue: Path to Sustainable Peace”, and an exhibition on the history of the four-named organizations.

“This event represents a significant milestone in the collective journey of the Intercultural Council and the OSCE Mission towards fostering cooperation and dialogue within the diverse cultural fabric of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said Ambassador Brian Aggeler, Head of the OSCE Mission to BiH. “We look forward to welcoming everyone to these events, where we will celebrate the vibrant cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina and reinforce our commitment to unity and dialogue.”

Vladimir Andrle, President of the Jewish cultural-educational and humanitarian society “La Benevolencija”, added, “The idea of the Intercultural Festival arose from the vision shared by the pivotal organizations of the culture of the peoples of BiH —’Preporod’, ‘Napredak’, ‘Prosvjeta’, and ‘La Benevolencija’. Celebrating our similarities, respecting our differences, mutual support, and friendship are the essence of our relationships, and this is how we envision Bosnian society. With this year’s festival, we want to present our vision to the wider society and remind people of our centuries-old way of life.”