Cameron offers support to Kosovo, Gërvalla: The West should have a new approach to the Balkans

The British Minister of Foreign Affairs, David Cameron, has provided support to Kosovo, stressing that Britain will help Kosovo in the processes it is going through. Whereas Minister Donika Gërvalla said that the West needs a new approach to the Balkans.

In a joint conference of the two ministers, Cameron said that Britain will continue to help Kosovo to be recognized internationally.

“We’re prior to the fact that Britain plays a big role in KFOR, we had over 600 British troops here this year. We’re proud of the training and support that we’re giving to your Armed Forces and the great success that they’ve had in training in the UK. So we’ve talked about security, we’ve talked about your economy, which is showing good growth this year and we want to do more to help you economically, to help you provide the jobs and the livelihoods for your people, and we’ve talked about your fight against corruption and what you’re doing to put in place, the rule of law and to build good governance here in Kosovo, these are all areas where we are helping, we want to continue to help. But above all we say that because we are a huge supporter of Kosovo’s Independence, Kosovo’s sovereignty and Kosovo’s right to be recognized by others, as a full sovereign country and member of the family of Nations”, said Cameron.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Donika Gërvalla, said that Kosovo sees Britain as an important partner in NATO, where our country intends to join.

She emphasized that the West needs a new strategy towards the Balkans.

“Economic development in 2021/2024, an increase according to the International Monetary Fund to almost 50% of GDP, with the most powerful economic growth in the region, the visible increase of foreign investments, with a developed and dynamic sector of information technology and important global customer, with very low taxes, tangible successes in the fight against corruption and organized crime Kosovo is open for business. Many companies that used to transfer strategic parts to the Far East or China are placing them in the host countries of the West. And that Kosovo is part of the West there is no dilemma… So, the West needs a new strategy since the old one is fading, the central question in many parts of the world, especially here because of the geography within NATO – will be who will be with the West and who will not… The United Kingdom for Kosovo is an important partner within NATO, where Kosovo sees itself as part of the strategic goals and principle determinations of this organization. They are of special importance not only in the field of security but also in diplomacy, economy, health, art, culture and sport, here I highlighted the special importance of our compatriots in the United Kingdom which is not only large in number but an important part and visible in both countries and our societies”, said Gërvalla.