BTA launching a new English service: NEWS +

BTA: News +

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BTA is launching its newest English service, NEWS +. The service caters to the needs of State institutions, foreign embassies, international companies and NGOs of a news platform, which would integrate information related to their activities.
NEWS + will be published on BTA’s English-language website with 24 hours a day content updates. Access is free for all users. BTA’s English-language service is read by foreign embassies in Bulgaria, representatives of global news agencies, such as AP, Reuters, AFP, dpa, ITAR-TASS and Xinhua, and a broad circle of English-speaking users.
The English-language news directly reaches the world’s leading news integrators, such as Factiva, OSC and EMIS, and from there on institutions, asset management funds, chambers of commerce and industry, banks, consulting firms, investment companies, law firms, accounting firms, as well as most governmental and non-governmental organizations in Europe and across the world. More…