“Broken Woman” at International Monodrama Festival in Bulgaria

TIRANA, August 9/ATA/ National Experimental Theater “Kujtim Spahivogli” represented Albania for the first time at the International Monodrama Festival “To the stars” in Varna, Bulgaria, with the monodrama “Broken Woman” directed by Endri Çela and performed by Adriana Tolka.
The “To the Stars” International Monodrama Festival was held from August 3-9 at the Festival and Congress Centre in the port city of Varna, organized by the Osnova-Ta Foundation.
The event was held under the auspices of Vice President Iliana Iotova.
This year’s 11th edition presented Marius Kurkinski’s collective mono-performance Marius 50, Zdrava Kamenova’s mono-performance The Hit of the Season, directed by Elitsa Yovcheva, “Our Yunus”, Monodrama from Turkey, “Broken Woman ” from Albania, “Arka – Box” from Kosovo, etc.
The fest was also an opportunity to feature a first-time meeting and discussion between psychoanalysts, doctors, artists, culturologists, musicians, writers, journalists. The International Monodrama Festival was established by actor Marius Donkin in 2006 who is a honorary citizen of both Sofia and Varna, which has already hosted eleven editions of the event.
The National Experimental Theater “Kujtim Spahivogli” was presented at this festival with the monodrama “Broken Woman” based on the work of Simone De Beauvoir, directed by Endi Çela and performed by actress Adriana Tolka.
The play was applauded for a long time by the attendees and received very positive evaluations from personalities in the field such as the director and actor Thierry Harcourt (special guest of the festival) and especially from the Director of the festival Marius Donkin who invited the play to the next edition of this festival, which will take place in February 2024 in Sofia.
National Experimental Theater “Kujtim Spahivogli” also received an invitation from the international theater festival “Scene at the Crossroads”, which will take place in September 2024 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, a festival which has already been organized for 24 years on the stage of the earliest theater in Bulgaria. /k.s/p.s./