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Book Fair, Mira Meksi is presented with the “Best Writer of 2023” award

The awarding ceremony for the 2023 Book Fair for the best literary works took place this Saturday at the Palace of Congresses. In the 26th edition of this fair, Mira Meksi was awarded with the “Best Writer of 2023” award for the novel “Parisi vret” (Paris kills).

The motivation of the award reads: For interweaving erudition with hedonism, for diving deep into the annals of history and psychology; for fusing facts with fiction; for a different perspective on some taboos rooted in the time of the dictatorship, which still haunt us; for the sophisticated use of the language.

The “Best Translator of 2023” award is given to Ana Kova, for the novel “The Tin Drum”, by Gunter Grass, with the following motivation: For the worthy confrontation with the complex book by a challenging author; for conveying in Albanian his bold fantasy of satirical style and symbolism… For qualitatively enriching the library of Albanian language with a milestone of world literature.

The award “For the best research work for the year 2023” is given to Thomas Frashëri, for the work entitled “The outstanding, unknown Frashëri” under the  motivation: For a complete drawing, especially complete with unknown facts, of an Albanian tree with strong roots, solid trunk and dense crown as are Frashërllinjë. For interweaving scientific rigor with gripping narrative, creating a harmonious portrayal within the broad mosaic of historical and geographical context.

The award “The best children’s book for 2023” is given to Rudina Çupi, for the book “Grandma with a Squirrel Heart”, under the motivation: Rudina Çupi- For the good knowledge of the children’s world, for the presence of the contemporary element, for the weaving of literature with didactics.

The prize of the Embassy of France in Tirana “For the best translation from the French language” is given to Diana Çuli for the translation of the work “The Indivisible” by Simone de Beauvoir, with this motivation: Through translation choices, the power of the word and fluent syntax, she respects the authentic style of Simone de Beauvoir while bringing an atmosphere that is both intimate and exciting.