BiH History Museum attracts many tourists, during SFF the museum is open until midnight

SARAJEVO, August 9 (FENA) – Numerous tourists who visit Sarajevo in the summer months also like to visit the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has prepared interesting content.



Director of the BiH History Museum, Elma Hašimbegović, said in an interview with FENA that the “Summer in the Museum” event has been held for several years.

“Before the start of the season, we try to create content for different types of visitors and different target groups who visit Sarajevo and the BiH History Museum,” said Hašimbegović.

She says that in June they completely changed the repertoire of all gallery spaces and that since then seven new exhibitions have been set up, including a short-term guest appearance and the setting up of an exhibition about the suffering of the Roma people during the Second World War.

“All gallery spaces have content from different historical periods, different content – from workers’ stories made in cooperation with colleagues from the Museum of Yugoslavia to the exhibition “View into the Distance” which treats the period of the 70s and 80s and the Adriatic coast as a place where military facilities and military zones are developed in parallel at a time when mass tourism is developing,” said Hašimbegović.

She added that visitors can also see Mladen Pikulić’s exhibition “Portraits”. Photographs of already existing portraits on tombstones document the past of the city of Sarajevo.

The History Museum Director mentioned that visitors can also see their open depot, which was recently renovated, and refreshed, with new contents.

“Our goal is to present ourselves to tourists at a modern exhibition, to show new trends in museology, to show our cultural and historical heritage in the best possible way,” says director Hašimbegović.

According to her, summer is the season when foreign tourists come to Sarajevo in greater numbers. July and August have been two crucial months for tourism and tourist activities in this city for years, except for the period of the Covid pandemic. This has been proven all these years as a kind of practice.

“During the Sarajevo Film Festival, the influx of foreign visitors and tourists in the city increased. The History Museum of BiH traditionally opens its doors to various activities of the SFF. It opens its doors to visitors until midnight, and we have been doing this for years, enabling film and entertainment lovers to have enough time to visit cultural institutions and learn something about the culture, history, cultural and historical heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the Festival, they can visit the exhibitions in the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina until midnight,” said Hašimbegović.