Belarus sees ‘huge potential’ for business cooperation with Cyprus

Belarus sees ‘huge potential’ for business cooperation with Cyprus

Belarus sees “huge potential” for business cooperation with Cyprus and the realisation of common investment projects, the country`s Ambassador in Nicosia Vladimir Voronkovich has said, speaking during the presentations of his credentials to President Nicos Anastasiades, at the Presidential Palace.

He highlighted the official position of Belarus on the Cyprus problem, pointing out that “we stand for a peaceful political settlement on the basis of the relevant UN Security Council resolutions.”

“We also reiterate our principled position regarding the need to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Cyprus,” he noted, according to an official press release.

Voronkovich said that “we see opportunities for the development of bilateral cooperation in the areas of trade, economic and scientific interaction, in the fields of cultural, regional and political contacts, activation of interdepartmental cooperation, including consultations between the ministries of foreign affairs on all possible matters”.

“One of the themes of such consultations might be the development of the relations between Belarus and the European Union, as well as the possibilities of participation of the Republic of Cyprus in this process”, he continued, noting that “an important milestone for us is the launch in the near future of the intergovernmental commission on trade and economic issues.”

Our two countries, Voronkovich said, “have a huge potential in business cooperation and in the realization of common investment projects”. Belarus, he informed President Anastasiades, “is interested in delivering products of heavy, light and food industry, woodworking and chemical industry.”

On his part President Anastasiades briefed the new ambassador on recent developments as regards the Cypriot economy and the efforts to reunite the island, divided since the Turkish invasion of 1974, under a federal roof. He spoke of his decision to suspend the latest UN led talks after Turkey’s illegal and provocative actions in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone since in October 2014.

“What we need now is the implementation of measures that will restore confidence, and not measures that increase mistrust among the legal citizens of the island, through actions that violate international law,” he said.

He called the Turkish Cypriot leadership and in particular Turkey “to demonstrate genuine political will and negotiate in good faith, so as to contribute constructively to the efforts to reach a settlement as soon as possible, not only in theory and rhetoric, but through practical and substantial actions.”

President Anastasiades further reiterated his “sincere willingness and determination to work tirelessly to achieve a settlement reuniting Cyprus.”

Referring to bilateral relations, he expressed his eagerness “to build upon our existing bilateral activity and explore new areas in which we consider our two countries’ bilateral cooperation can be both constructive and fruitful, such as agriculture, tourism and industry.”

“We also aim to elevate our relations at the multilateral level, through our common participation in multilateral and international for a,” he said.

According to President Anastasiades “Belarus’ rapprochement with the EU as well as your country’s recently invigorated active engagement in the Eastern Partnership, constitute important steps towards this direction.”

Cyprus, he said, “is a strong supporter of the EU’s pragmatic commitment with Belarus and to this end we look forward to a mutually satisfactory conclusion of the negotiations for visa facilitation and readmission agreements.”