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Begaj, Nikolla and Rama pay homage in front of the “Mother Albania” monument

President of the Republic Bajram Begaj, Parliament Speaker, Lindita Nikolla and Prime Minister Edi Rama paid homage on Wednesday at the Nation’s Martyrs’ Cemetery.

They placed flower wreaths near the “Mother Albania” Monument and bowed in honor and tribute to the sacrifice of the martyrs on the 79th anniversary of the country’s liberation.

Albanians celebrate today the 79th anniversary of the Liberation, at the same time a day of remembrance of the sublime sacrifice of thousands of young men and women who fell in the name of freedom.

From April 7, 1939 to November 29, 1944, Albania was occupied, first by fascist Italy, and after its capitulation, in the fall of 1943, Albania was occupied by German forces.

After the Liberation of Tirana on November 17 and the main part of Northern Albania, the city of Shkodra was the last to be liberated.

During the Second World War, the Albanians aligned themselves with the anti-fascist coalition and waged a war for liberation.

Liberation anniversaries are marked with tributes at the “Mother Albania” memorial near the Martyrs’ Cemetery.