Bećirović – Girgin: Turkey is strongly dedicated to Bosnia and Herzegovina

SARAJEVO, July 13 (FENA) – A member of the BiH Presidency, Denis Bećirović, spoke with the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to BiH, Sadik Babur Girgin, about bilateral relations between the two countries and the current situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in BiH Sadik Babür Girgin said that the Republic of Turkey with all its institutions recognizes the genocide in Srebrenica and in this regard accepts the decisions of international courts, without the need for an additional law.

Ambassador Girgin emphasized that in addition to strongly supporting the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Turkey also strongly supports the Euro-Atlantic path of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bećirović said that one of the two strategic goals of Bosnia and Herzegovina is membership in NATO, and that the Republic of Turkey, as a regional power and a very important member of NATO, can continue to provide assistance so that Bosnia and Herzegovina becomes a full member of NATO as soon as possible.

Bećirović and the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to BiH, Sadik Babür Girgin, stated that the two countries have traditionally good political relations, with no open bilateral issues.

Bećirović said that it is in the long-term interest of Bosnia and Herzegovina to comprehensively improve relations with this friendly country with which good bilateral relations are of great importance.

The meeting also focused on the need to ratify previously signed agreements with the aim of improving economic relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Turkey, the BiH Presidency announced.

(FENA) S. R.