Austrian President stresses the importance of a Cyprus solution for Europe

Austrian President stresses the importance of a Cyprus solution for Europe

A Cyprus solution would be significant for Europe, the President of Austria Heinz Fischer stressed on Tuesday during the official dinner hosted in his honor by President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades.

In his address at the dinner, the Austrian President told President Anastasiades that he has “a very great responsibility these days and months” and that “not only people in Cyprus look up at him and Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci” but “its of significance for all Europe” if they are successful in their effort to solve a problem which exist for so many decades.

Fischer cited Anastasiades comment that if the current effort to reach a Cyprus settlement does not succeed probably they would not be able to say “well lets try again in 10 years or so” because, he said “time is passing and I share your fear that if a solution cannot be achieved now then who can say if it will be possible later on, in 10-20 years”.

Adressing his Austrian counterpart President Anastasiades noted that Cyprus and Austria are partners within the EU for over 10 years, and that their partnership goes back an even longer time. He spoke about a solid partnership based on mutual respect, shared values, respect of legality and solidarity.

President Anastasiades stressed that President Fischer`s visit to Cyprus exemplifies the excellent bilateral relations between the two countries.

Furthermore, he pointed out that the Cyprus problem is a European problem. “We welcome the EU’s involvement in the efforts to reunify our country and we are looking forward to an even more active involvement as the negotiations enter a more intensive phase,” he said.

Anastasiades also said that Cyprus counts on friends and allies such as Austria to convey the message to Turkey, to support efforts to find a just and viable solution to the Cyprus problem.

He reiterated his vision to reunify Cyprus and its people in a prosperous, functional European country that gives the opportunity to all its citizens to reach their full potential, noting that this is a vision wholeheartedly embraced by the President of Austria as well.