Artists from France, Hungary and Romania at International Symposium of Visual Arts “Art in the Garden”

Artists from Romania, together with painters working abroad, in France and Hungary, are participating, from July 16-26, in the twelfth edition of the International Symposium of Visual Arts “Art in the Garden,” an event taking place at the Jibou Botanical Garden.

“The following artists (all from Cluj-Napoca) will participate in the creative camp, the most important activity of the Symposium: Florin Gherasim (photo/ceramics), Flavius Lucacel (painting), Adrian Rauca (painting), Radu Serban (painting) and Gil Turculet (painting). Robert Vraciu (painting) from Bucharest will also participate in Jibou alongside the artists from Cluj. This year’s team will be completed by our fellow artists who work abroad: Dorin Cretu (painting) from France and Szatmari J. Otto (painting), from Hungary,” reads a post on the Facebook page of the symposium.

According to the cited source, the annual event, at its twelfth edition, will take place in the special natural setting offered by the Botanical Garden in Jibou.

In the course of the related activities, the symposium will benefit from presentations and communications related to the themes of arts, traditional music, technology, poetry and gastronomy, and the Mesesul folk ensemble will perform a folk show.

“During this edition, a creative workshop will be organized with the participation of a group of children from the Jibou Social Services Centre. (…) Also, under the ‘Documentation Visits’ section, we will enjoy the architecture and the special ambience of several wooden churches near Jibou,” the post also states.

The opening of the overview exhibition with the works made during the Symposium by the artists participating in this year’s creative camp will take place on Tuesday, July 25, at the Jibou Botanical Garden.

All the exhibited works will be donated and will enter the contemporary art collections of the organizing institutions: the Centre of Culture and Art of Salaj County, the Centre of Biological Research of Jibou and the Jibou Town Hall.