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Anadolu exhibit exposing Israel’s atrocities in Gaza opens in Istanbul

The “Humanitarian Tragedy in Gaza” exhibit, featuring photos from the book “Evidence,” which exposes Israel’s crimes in Gaza, opened Monday in Istanbul, hosted by Anadolu.

Attending the exhibition, Anadolu’s President and CEO Serdar Karagoz said Anadolu has been conveying reality to the world for 104 years through news and photographs.

“Since October 2023, unfortunately, we have been serving a great humanitarian tragedy to the world,” he said.

“We have been presenting photos, videos and news of a mass killing that is beyond imagination, affecting the young, the old, and children indiscriminately,” he added.

Addressing the challenges of journalism in Palestine, Karagoz reminded that 109 journalists have lost their lives due to Israel’s attacks.

He drew attention to the deliberate killing of Anadolu cameraman Montaser Al-Sawaf, saying: “First, the house where his family lived was bombed. Montaser was injured.”

“Two weeks before his death, he sent a message to our headquarters: ‘I might die, but until then, I want to work here. I want to tell the world what’s happening here through my photos and videos. I consider this service as a debt to my country, the world, my life, and Allah who created me. Allow me,’” he said.

Karagoz, stressing that Montaser worked with one eye closed due to sustaining injuries to his face in the airstrike on his home, said: “Montaser was martyred because his work, the photos he took, the footage and the news constituted an international crime that Israel would never, ever let go of.”

“We will pursue those who bomb innocent people, shed the blood of civilians to the end,” Karagoz said, expressing Anadolu’s commitment to continue showcasing the massacre in Palestine to the world.

Emphasizing that the events in Gaza are being conveyed to the world by a large team, he said: “We are providing the photos, videos and news produced by our 26 colleagues who have been working in Gaza, including Montaser, not only to Türkiye but also to the whole world.”

“Not only are we providing (all this), but we are also declaring once again from here that we will not abandon this matter and will follow it to the end.”

He also highlighted the significant mission of the book “Evidence” in this regard.

“Dear guests: the photos we will see in the exhibition that we will visit together shortly will haunt Israel until the end.”

“International justice may or may not prevail. It may prevail soon or many years later. We do not know, but we know one thing. We will pursue to the end those who commit this crime, who bomb innocent people and who shed the blood of civilians.”

The event was hosted by Ismet Yildirim, the mayor of Umraniye municipality, and attended by AK Party lawmakers Tugba Isik Ercan and Serkan Bayram and Anadolu’s Istanbul News Director Muhammed Enes Can along with many citizens.

The exhibition “Humanitarian Tragedy in Gaza” can be visited at Istanbul’s Umraniye Culture and Art Center through Friday, Jan. 19.