Ambassador Klemm: US – Romania partnership stronger than ever. President Iohannis asked me to focus on economic ties

Ambassador Klemm: US – Romania partnership stronger than ever. President Iohannis asked me to focus on economic ties

The partnership between the US and Romania is stronger than ever, particularly as security is concerned, US Ambassador in Bucharest Hans Klemm on Thursday told the Bucharest Forum event, adding that President Klaus Iohannis had asked him to focus on the economic relationship between the two countries.

Unity within Europe and the partnership between the US and Europe are paramount to global prosperity and security, the diplomat said.

Klemm added that a recent assessment in Washington had found that the relationship between Romania and the US is at a historic high.

I recently participated in the annual assessment in Washington of the Romania — US relations. (…) The conclusion of both governments was that never have Romania — US relations been stronger and had a more powerful contribution to the transatlantic agreement than now, in October 2016, said Klemm.

He specified that not only will Romania meet the requirements of the NATO Summit in Wales to assign 2 percent of GDP for Defence, but that it also makes a profound contribution to transatlantic security, security in the Black Sea region, as well as in remote areas, such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

As far as security is concerned, our bilateral partnership has never been stronger, said the Ambassador.

He also referred to the economic ties of the two countries.

President Iohannis told me that Romania wants more from the US in terms of economic relationship and asked me to focus on the development of bilateral trade and investment ties, said Klemm.

He also emphasized the current government’s contribution to the economic environment.

If we are successful in this area, this is also because of the influence of the Ciolos Government on improving the promotion of investment and trade, the business climate in Romania, on establishing a national strategy for energy, addressing key investors, including important companies based in the US, explained Hans Klemm.

The Ambassador reiterated the US appreciation for Romania’s anti-corruption fight.

Romania’s fight against corruption has made this country grow not only in the eyes of the US, (…) but turned it into an example for this part of the world, said Klemm.

Romania’s contributions have paved the way for this historic moment when our partnership is stronger than ever, he underscored.

The US Ambassador also referred to the elections that will take place at the end of the year, both in the US and in Romania.

The challenge now, when both the US and Romania have a crucial period of elections ahead, is for these two countries to emerge from these political moments in such a state that allows them to continue to strengthen their ties and contribute to European, transatlantic security and security here, in the Black Sea region, Klemm said. More…