All three missing Italian-Israelis are dead says Tajani

Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani has said that all three Italian-Israelis who were missing after Hamas’s attack on Israel on October 7 are dead.

Tajani said Monday that Liliach Le Havron, 66, was confirmed to have died after Hamas attacked the kibbutz she lived at with her husband.

Her spouse, Evitar Kipnis, 65, had already been confirmed as being among the victims.

Later on Monday Tajani said that Nir Forti, a young man whose family said he was shot in the chest before disappearing after a rave party near the Gaza border, was dead too.

“Unfortunately Nir Forti is also dead,” Tajani said via X.

“He was the last of the three missing Italian-Israelis.

“I feel his parents’ pain.

“I met them during a visit to Tel Aviv.

“To die at the age of 29, barbarically killed by terrorists, is profoundly unjust.

“I pray for you, young Nir”.

It had initially been thought that the three Italian-Israelis were among the hostages being held by Hamas.

Photo: Nir Forti’s parents.