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Albania is the country of honor in ITB Berlin 2025, the world’s largest tourism fair

The Ministry of Tourism and Environment and ITB Berlin, the world’s largest tourism fair, have reached an agreement designating Albania the country of honor in ITB Berlin 2025.

Under the memorandum of understanding between the two parties signed in Germany by the Deputy Minister of Tourism and Environment, Vilma Bello and the executive director of “ITB Berlin” Debora Rothe, Albania will officially be the country of honor in the world’s most important tourism fair for 2025.

Earlier, in July, the Minister of Tourism and Environment, Mirela Kumbaro spoke about Albania’s ambition and the start of talks with the German side to reach this agreement that turns our country into the center of the most important world fair of tourism and tour operators held every year in Berlin.

The signing of this agreement is intended to strengthen the role of Albania not only at the level of the participant, but also of an undertaking to put together high-level agendas of important global events such as ITB Berlin, which promote Albania’s image internationally.

The promotion program starts in March 2024 and ends in March 2025.

The latest data indicate that 9 million foreign tourists visited Albania until October. Also, Albania holds the third place in the World Tourism Barometer published by the World Tourism Organization in terms of the increase in the flow of foreign tourists.

For the year 2024, the Minister of Tourism and Environment, Mirela Kumbaro, has stated that Albania will participate in the FITUR tourism fair in Madrid, in ITB Berlin, and will also be the host of the 70th meeting of the Commission of the World Tourism Organization Commission for Europe , which will be held during spring in Tirana with the participation of 40 European tourism ministers.