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Albania completes successfully first phase of negotiations, positive assessment of European Commission

Albania completes the “screening” process, with a positive assessment of the country’s preparation by the European Commission.

Marc Jorna, Chairman of the Task Force for Albania and North Macedonia, gave the news on the X social network, while writing about the analytical ‘screening’ process.

“Screening with Albania concluded. 94 days of meetings, 1000+ Commission officials involved. Positive assessment of state of preparation, clear vision on road to membership. Congratulations on this first step in your accession negotiations”, wrote Jorna.

Albania’s ambassador to the EU Suela Janina also reacted to the good news.

“Great news! The first phase of the accession negotiations of Albania and the EU is successfully completed. 14 months of dedicated work, 70 explanatory & bilateral meetings for the screening of the EU acquis, 777 presentations by + 1000 Albanian experts”, wrote Janina.