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Agriculture Minister Presents Awards at Agra International Exhibition

Bulgaria’s Agriculture and Food Minister Kiril Vatev presented awards for research and development at the Agra International Agricultural Exhibition in Plovdiv on Thursday. The event was held for the 15th time with the Agriculture Ministry’s support. A total of 35 companies and 15 research institutes took part in the competition for innovative products, scientific developments and technologies, the Ministry said.

Vatev wished all research institutes new achievements, as well as more Bulgarian seeds in the Bulgarian fields and more Bulgarian foods in Bulgarian households.

The innovation commission for the competition was chaired by Deputy Agriculture Minister Alexander Yotsev.

The following research institutes were awarded the Diploma for Innovative Product:

Troyan Research Institute of Mountain Stockbreeding and Agriculture was awarded for three proposals: Simmental cow’s cheese in a clay pitcher, Simmental cow’s cheese in a clay pot with a lid, and an aromatherapy diffuser from derivatives;

Tobacco and Tobacco Products Institute for a new tobacco variety, Virginia 0842;

Chirpan Institute of Field Crops for two cotton varieties, Snezhina and Selena;

Maize Institute – Knezha for two maize hybrids, Knezha 652 and Knezha 653;

Institute of animal sciences – Kostinbrod for a dried poultry sausage;

Dobrudja Agricultural Institute for the sunflower hybrid Dalena CLP and the winter common wheat variety Shibil;

Maritsa Vegetable Crops Research Institute for a Manual of Technological Instructions;

Institute of Cryobiology and Food Technology for Kaliya Bio Diabetic Biscuits;

Food Research and Development Institute – Plovdiv for prune and grapefruit candies with no added sugar and for a spread containing sunflower protein and thyme extract;

Nikola Pushkarov Institute of Soil Science for a device for passive sorting of fruits and vegetables;

The Pleven Institute of Forage Crops for growing technical broomcorn and for three technologies: for seed production of perennial wheat grasses; for fodder and feed pea seeds, and for the creation and use of meadows and pastures.