Abazovic: Profit from the ferry service amounts to €2 million in 100 days

According to Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic, Montenegro has earned over €3 million in revenues in the first 100 days of operating the Kamenari –Lepetani ferry service, of which around €2 million is net profit.

He stated that the revenues from the ferry service had amounted to €3.22 million until 15 August.

Abazovic posted on his Twitter account that the expenses for the previous three and a half months had amounted to around €900,000 and were primarily related to fuel, employee salaries, depreciation, leases, and shoreline adaptation.

“This means that in just 100 days, the state has earned over €2 million in net profit, which is ten times more than what it used to receive annually when the ferry service was operated by a private company,” Abazovic said.

He thanked Minister of Ecology, Spatial Planning and Urbanism Ana Novakovic Djurovic, all colleagues from the Government, Director of Morsko Dobro Mladen Mikelj, Chairman of the Board of Directors of this public enterprise Blazo Radjenovic, as well as the employees of this company for their exceptional commitment to this project.