A wooden guitar made in Reghin plays by itself and imitates other instruments

The musical instrument factory Hora from Reghin, central Mures County in collaboration with a group of electronics enthusiasts from Bucharest, has developed a wooden guitar that can play by itself, being able to imitate other musical instruments, such as piano or drums, as a result of installing a software.

“It’s a new instrument, the result of our collaboration with some IT people, music lovers from Bucharest. We have under construction a zero series of 10 pieces with an electronics designed in France, made in Hong Kong and which amazes the audience with the possibilities they have. (…) The new guitar will be launched on the market in December and will cost approximately 750 euros,” the general director of Hora Reghin, engineer Nicolae Bazgan, told the press.

The guitar is equipped with speakers on the inside, which capture the vibrations of the strings, transform them into sound that it processes using the 12 effects from the software bank and plays the sound through the resonance box. The new instrument can also be connected via bluetooth, can function as a portable speaker and can record up to four layers of music.

Nicolae Bazgan stated that the idea of this new guitar belongs to the engineer Radu Doru Alexandru, specialized in energy and IT, who thought up this guitar software together with his wife and two friends.

“The idea started two years ago, when I saw some videos online, with innovation in this area. It was a guitar that did what I wanted. I tried to get in touch with those who produced it, to get that device, speakers and that effects processor. I had a guitar that I had received from Reghin and I said: let’s invest in creating this guitar. Together with the luthier I put on those speakers, the device, calibrated the guitar and the first prototype came out. You can actually become a whole band with just one guitar, without cables, without an amplifier, without all these accessories that were used in the past. I started this project out of convenience, because I had a pedalboard, I had amplifiers, but it was very difficult to do the setup at home, stringing four or five cables, laptop, etc,” said Radu Doru Alexandru.