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A free aquatic spectacle of dreams at Artificial Lake of Tirana

TIRANA, May 16/ATA/ The Water Fools (Fous de Bassin) spectacle from France’s Ilotopie succeeded to lit up the atmosphere at the Artificial Lake of Tirana!”- Minister Blendi Gonxhja described with these words the enchanting spectacle offered last evening on the water of the Artificial Lake of Tirana.

During the 50 minutes show, the citizens had the opportunity to enjoy original music, impressive costumes and decorations, never realized in our country. The French circus on the water gave a fantastic spectacle to all the spectators gathered.

This long-awaited event was part of the activities that have been taking place in the capital during the last few days, in context of the French Cultural Week. Fous de Bassin and Ilotopie come to Tirana after many shows around the globe, with the magical water circus and surreal games. The performance of the French artists managed to break away from the reality making dreams fly over the lake, in a spectacle quite different from anything you have seen.

“For all of you who missed the show yesterday, we welcome you again today at the same time and in the same place!”, the Minister of Economy, Culture and Innovation Gonxhja extended in the social media an invitation to the free event at the Artificial Lake of Tirana area at 20 hrs.