34 Cypriot athletes to compete during the first day of GSSE in Reykjavik

34 Cypriot athletes to compete during the first day of GSSE in Reykjavik

Games of the Small States of Europe (GSSE) started Tuesday in Reykjavik, Iceland with the participation of 55 Cypriot athletes.

During the first day of the Games, where decisive fights for the top places will be carried out, 34 Cypriot athletes will compete. On the first day 21 finals will be held, in which Cyprus is willing and able to win at least 6 gold medals.

In athletics 10 finals will be held, were 12 Cypriot athletes will compete, among them Handiri and Stylianou who have significant chances for gold medals. Evangelidou will also struggle for gold, while any other top place will be a surprise.

Cypriot athletes will also compete in gymnastics with today results to determine the participation in the finals that will be held in Wednesday and in table tennis.

In swimming, Sebastian Konnaris will be the first athlete to participate in qualification for 200 meter. backstroke, at 10:00 am (13:00 Cyprus time). He will be followed by Sotiria Neophytou (200m. butterfly), Chrisoula Karamanou (100m. freestyle), Iakovos Hatzikonstantinou (100m. freestyle) and Thomas Tsiopanis (200m. medley). The finals are scheduled to begin at 20:30 (Cyprus time).

Marilena Constantinou and Anna Louisa Georgiou will be the first Cypriot athletes to compete in shooting, with their participation in the air rifle at 16:15. The finals are set to start at 18:30 and the two girls aim to win at least one medal.

The Cypriot men beach – volley team will play against San Marino at 16:00 (Cyprus time), while the women team will play against Luxembourg.

In tennis Cypriot athletes will compete on Tuesday in double and mixed double.