1349 Cypriot vehicles affected by VW scandal

1349 Cypriot vehicles affected by VW scandal

Unicars, Volkswagen AG authorised importer in Cyprus, said on Tuesday that 1349 vehicles in Cyprus are fitted with the software behind the emissions scandal.

Unicars said that according to the latest information by Volkswagen AG, the specific number of vehicles affected are 480 Volkswagen, 598 Audi vehicles, 103 Skoda vehicles, 119 Seat and 49 VW commercial vehicles.

“These vehicles, of specific models and years of construction, are equipped exclusively with diesel type EA 189 engine (1.2lt, 1.6lt, 2.0lt). These vehicles are technically safe and roadworthy. New vehicles with EU6 engine are not affected. Petrol engines are also not affected” Unicars stressed in a press release.

The company said that affected customers will be informed through the brands websites. Furthermore, Volkswagen and the other Group brands whose vehicles are affected will present the technical solutions and measures to the authorities in October.

Next, the owners of the affected vehicles will be informed in order to arrange an appointment with Unicars Ltd in order to implement the necessary technical measures.